A fully circular plastic recycling solution

Sustainability, Traceability, Circularity

The future of recycling

At Reborn our aim is simple: to create a company that shows the world that there is no need to carelessly use our world’s natural resources. By recycling these resources we can create jobs, education and revenue while improving the planet. 

We have developed the entire vertical supply chain from bottle to garment. In doing so this allows us to implement the words first fully traceable blockchain circular recycling solution. 

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This is Reborn

A fully circular plastic recycling solution

Join the businesses reducing carbon footprint
by using our modern recycling solutions built on blockchain tracability.


At Reborn, we treat plastic as a commodity not as waste – we recycle and reuse plastics to create a circular recycling solution for your business. We create solutions that allow your business to use and recycle plastic positively. At Reborn Recycling we operate the worlds first blockchain tracable plastic recycling business that offers a truly transparent approach to recycling.


Our RVM’s (reverse vending machines) can accept plastic, cans, or glass or any combination of the three.

Our machines have built in image recognition technology, process bottles (with barcodes or without) and unlike traditional RVM’s, we can operate and accept multi pack bottles without barcodes, bottles that do not have labels, and bottles with lids/caps still on them. Our RVM’s also are the worlds only RVM with built in Deposit Return Schem that is backed by blockchain traceabilty.


With environmental responsibility at the forefront of consumers minds around the globe, companies now have a responsibility to do more. A great way to do this is to consider eco-friendly clothing that amplifies your brand whilst also taking into account factors such as reusability, recycling and responsible sourcing.

As your ethical recycling supplier, we can help you to lower your carbon footprint, not only through our high-quality sustainable workwear, but also by giving you a responsible way to dispose of plastics – we offer waste collection as part of sourcing our materials and supply our RVMs- providing full traceability with our block-chain technology.

Our mission

To showcase a zero-to-landfill landfil approach to plastics where they are used and recycled responsibly to build a truly circular economy.

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